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When a Google search, letter to Coastal View News’ Sea Witch or a pitchfork in CVN isn’t enough to solve a predicament, residents could turn to Carpinteria’s own private investigator, Michael Claytor. Claytor clued CVN in on his life as a private investigator in the following interview. 

CVN: What drew you to private investigating? 

Michael Claytor: I grew up always wanting to be a detective. My neighborhood friends and I always played “cops and robbers,” and I refused to ever be the robber. I watched every TV series and movie that I could on criminal investigations. 

After college, I pursued that dream of being a detective and achieved it at the Santa Barbara Police Department. I retired young from that career due to a battle with cancer, and after winning that battle, I found myself missing the excitement of a challenging investigation, so I took the state exam and became a licensed private investigator.

Please describe the range of your services. 

I have partnered up with Ullemeyer Forensics, which makes us a “one-stop shop” for every investigative service anyone could possibly need. We are frequently called upon to conduct searches for hidden cameras and audio or GPS devices, but we also provide threat assessments; criminal, civil and family law investigations; surveillance; background and asset searches; cellphone and computer forensic examinations; digital image enhancement; fingerprint analysis; as well as scene evaluation and reconstruction.

What is most gratifying about the work that you do? 

Solving a mystery. Finding that previously unknown fact or piece of evidence which makes the investigation a success for my client. I take great pride in being the problem solver for my clients.

Does your work stir up cynical views of humanity? If so, do you have any practices or aspects of your personal life that help you counterbalance cynicism? 

Yes, it can. Much in the same way my previous career as a detective did. It is extremely important to maintain strong relationships with family and friends so that you can lean on them for advice and support. Lucky for me, my wife is both smarter and stronger than I am, so I stay pretty balanced. Living on a large orchard in the foothills of Carpinteria is a pretty special counterbalance as well.

How can potential clients contact you? 

I would like to invite potential clients to visit my website, claytorinvestigations.com, to learn about my training and experience, as well as the investigative services I offer. They can contact me through the website or email me directly at claytor.investigations@gmail.com.

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