Has A Client or Customer “Ghosted” You?

Let’s face it: you’re in business to make money. You provide products &/or services to customers, and in return, you expect to get paid. That’s how it should be. But sometimes, a customer will disappear on you — leaving behind what could amount to a sizeable debt in their wake.

Relax. Claytor Investigations has got your back. Leave it to us to do the legwork for you — saving you the time, money and effort you’d need to try and collect the debt yourself. We can more efficiently locate the debtors and serve court orders on your behalf, in order to retrieve the money that’s rightfully yours.

Do your due diligence

  • Give your debtor every chance possible to contact and pay you
  • You should explore every avenue possible to try and locate the debtor before you can pursue legal action against them.
  • If the bills that you send to the debtor come back to you unopened and the phone number that you call has been disconnected or reassigned, it’s time to hire a professional service like ours to assist you.

Claytor Investigations takes pride in ensuring that justice is done and that your interests are protected. Count on us to track down that hard-to-reach individual, serve them with the court order, and file all of the necessary paperwork needed to implement the legal process and recover the money that’s due to your business. We are experienced, licensed and insured, and dedicated to uncovering the facts you need — and the people you need to find— to continue keep your business running smoothly. Find out more by calling us today.

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